Friday, October 6, 2017

Drobo B800fs review

Built on proven BeyondRAID™ technology, the Drobo B800fs allows the sharing of files with all computers on the network and keeps your vital business data protected with Drobo Sync offsite replication. Drobo B800fs connects seamlessly to your existing Ethernet network and supports both Windows and Mac computers. DroboApps give you the freedom to customize your Drobo to meet your own unique set of requirements. BeyondRAID Technology A Drobo B800fs file sharing array can hold up to 32TB of raw storage and beyond as drive capacities increase. To add capacity, simply insert a new hard drive or replace your smallest drive with a larger one, even when all drive bays are full. Unlike traditional RAID, BeyondRAID technology in Drobo enables you to leverage different drive capacities, allowing for continuous expansion as larger drives become available. With Drobo, expansion is automatic and instantaneous and access to data is always maintained, all while protecting you from two simultaneous drive failures. Centralized Backup for Your Entire Network The Drobo B800fs enables network backup for Mac and Windows users at small offices or in workgroup environments:
 • Backing up your PC to your Drobo is as easy as using Drobo as a target for your favorite backup application. Provide a fast and reliable data protection solution for your critical data assets.
• The Drobo B800fs delivers seamless support for Apple Time Machine. Using Time Machine with Drobo B800fs is as easy as clicking a box in Drobo Dashboard. Offsite Data Protection The Drobo B800fs includes an intelligent and easy-to-use data replication tool that can seamlessly back up your valuable data from one Drobo to another one on your network or across the Internet to a remote site. Having your data protected offsite guards you from a major disaster, resulting in peace of mind. Learn more about Drobo Sync at solutions/for-business/drobo-sync. Share Files Directly From Drobo Drobo B800fs connects directly to your Ethernet network to make sharing your data easy. Just plug it into any switch and you’re ready to go. The Drobo B800fs has two Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be configured to fail over if one link fails or can be set up to connect to two separate networks – one for your data and the other for Drobo Sync replication, for example. Connect to Drobo, and access shared data, using any Windows or Mac computer. Drobo natively supports CIFS/SMB and AFP network protocols. Protection From Two Drive Failures Enable the dual-drive redundancy option to protect your data from failure of up to two hard drives. It’s all done with a single click and without ever losing access to your data. Running out of space? Switch back to singledrive redundancy at any time. Unlike moving between traditional RAID 5 and RAID 6, there’s no need to reformat or migrate data from the Drobo B800fs, potentially saving you hours or days of downtime. E

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